Secondary school times

The secondary school has a timetable of  6×45 minute lessons Monday – Friday, with a 15 minute form period at the start of every day. On a Tuesday pupils have extended form time with their form tutor. The form period is a key part in the life of the school and develops the pastoral aspects of the school. Form tutors also review homework diaries and follow a programme of cross curricular literacy.


                                                               8.30- 8.45

Form Time

08:45 – 09:00

Period 1

09:00 – 09.45

Period 2

09.45 – 10.30


10.30- 10.50

Period 3

10.50 –11.35

Period 4

11.35 –12.20


12.20 - 13.05


13:05 –13.30

Period 5

13.30- 14.15

Period 6

14.15- 15.00

Every lesson begins and ends with prayer and arrangements are made for all pupils to pray during the day. The promotion of our Islamic faith is a key element in all parts of the school day.

*Pupils should be in school for 8.25

*Pupils arriving late should report to reception and 'sign in'

*Salaah time will differ in the winter months

*Lates will be monitored and appropriate sanctions issued.