Headteacher's Welcome

السـلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته/ Peace be upon you

On behalf of my staff, I would like to welcome you.

First and foremost, I thank Almighty Allah (SWA) for HIS infinite mercy, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance and unfaltering love. It is only with HIS help that this school was established and numerous, seemingly insurmountable hurdles overcome.

Welcome to Madni Academy, a progressive, successful and deeply caring establishment where our aim is to provide an excellent academic education within a warm, safe and Islamic environment. We at Madni Academy demand academic excellence. Our school assures a warm and welcoming learning environment where every student feels truly part of our inclusive family. We strive because we believe our students deserve to receive the best education, giving them the skills to flourish beyond the classroom and develop into strong Muslims that will benefit the Ummah and wider society

At the same time, however, we also strive to help each and every individual child to develop their own character and achieve their personal potential and ambitions through a deep appreciation of their deen (Islam). Supported by our own Tarbiyah programme we promote Islamic morals and manners for all our students on their journey to becoming valued members of society.

MMGHS was established in 1987 and thanks to our outstanding success and reputation the school is going from strength to strength. Our building and educational infrastructure is impressive, and our educational standards rising with greater than ever GCSE results. Ofsted graded the school as ‘Good with outstanding features’ in October 2016.  That is impressive proof that Madni Academy provides not only the finest learning environment for your children, but it is also the best for educational achievement. Providing education from the age of 2 to 16, we are in a unique position as we are the ONLY Muslim school in West Yorkshire to provide this continuity of care.

This website will only give you a glimpse of the opportunities we have to offer. Please visit our Twitter page@Madni_Academy to keep up to date with all our careers and enrichment activities.

f you have any further questions you would like to ask us, or if you would like to visit our school to view our facilities and experience our unique learning environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Shakera A Mirza (BA, PGCE, NPQH)

Hadith Of The Month

Hadiths of the month - June 2022

Hadith 1

Aaishah RA say the prophet SAW ‘would do household chores’ i.e serve his family.  (Al-Bukhari)


Help parents at eating time.

Keep our bedroom tidy and be responsible for our items around the house.

Hadith 2

The Prophet SAW said: “The place of prayer (salah) in Islam is like the place of the head in the body.”


Be punctual with 5 daily salah.

To read salah at the beginning time.

To learn the fardh acts of salat.

Awards and Alliances