School Facilities

School Facilities

At Madni Academy we have a wealth of specialist facilities that enhance the curriculum and the education opportunities for our children.

These include:

Three design rooms for Art and Design Technology; one equipped with cooking facilities for food technology, one with sewing machines for sewing and one equipped for Art.

A large ICT suite enabling all children to each have access to the very latest computers. In addition, there are many other computers around the school, including laptops that the children can use in their classrooms as part of cross-curricular work. In addition, most teaching rooms are equipped with the very latest Interactive Whiteboards for teaching.

Two well-equipped science rooms for the teaching of science.

A large and well-stocked library, which is fully staffed by our own librarian. The library is used at lunchtimes as a positive, fun, addition to lessons.

Playgrounds & Outdoor Spaces

In addition to the shared areas of our school, each age-specific area has safe appropriate facilities to enable outdoor play and outdoor learning.

Our playgrounds are a fun and exciting escape from all the hard work that goes on in the classrooms. Enthusiastic lunchtime supervisors assist all ages of children to play a range of games at lunchtime.

The Nursery and Reception playground are a vibrant space with light and shade, painted walls, equipment and activities to keep all children happily entertained throughout lunchtime.

Our primary playground has hopscotch and other colourful playground markings. Hoops and skipping ropes as well as a range of balls and equipment to give children opportunity to experience a range of activities.

Our secondary students benefit from a quiet seating area, as well as a spacious hard court area where they can enjoy ball games and other sports.