Hadith of the month

Student Tarbiyah and Hadith of the month

We have no doubt that the single most important reason why parents like your self are sending their children to Madni Academy is so that they can, first and foremost, be educated in an environment that develops their Iman and Akhlaq.

With this understanding the school has a Tarbiyah programme to assist students in the process of spiritual development which is central to everything. It is implemented in lessons, during assembly, in the playground, when students are going to and from school and during all aspects of their school life.

One of the aspects of the Tarbiyah programme is through ‘Hadith of the month’. Each month a hadith is selected and studied in a way that it helps all our students to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Different teaching & learning styles are used for the delivery of the sessions including memorisation, reading the text (both Arabic and English), and discussion in pairs and group discussions.

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The programme will focus on the following areas

  • Memorisation of the hadith and its translation

  • Bringing the hadith into our lives both at school and outside school

  • How to promote the hadith with friends and family and in the community

  • The times and places where the message of the hadith is very important

  • Any other important points

    The hadith and important aspects relating to it are displayed around the school to constantly remind everyone about its importance. The Tarbiyah programme will hopefully develop in all our children morals and manners that will make them successful both in this world and in the Hereafter, and also enable them to excel in their academic subjects.

    We can only succeed if we work together as a team – School – Students – Parent. We therefore kindly request all parents to explain to their children the importance of working together in partnership with the school.

    We look forward to your continued support.