Year 7 Visit to Dewsbury Minister

Madni Academy has a rich and diverse Religious Education curriculum. This term year 7 had an opportunity to explore Christianity. In class pupils looked at the story of Prophet Isa from the perspectives of the Islamic and Christian beliefs. Pupils explored items from the ‘Christianity discovery box’ linked to the Christian faith and using information sheets created short presentations. Pupils visited the local Dewsbury Minister. For most pupils this was their first visit to a church and most had little idea of what to expect. On their arrival pupils were greeted by the vicar and other volunteers.

Pupils were taken to the main body for the church called the ‘congregation’ where Christians would sit and pray. Pupils learnt about the main aspects of Christianity. Amongst other things they learnt about the Christian teachings on God and the Christian belief in Jesus. The vicar explained the significance of Christian festival sand how they are celebrated. were given time to explore the chapel, where Christians worship and ask God to forgive their sins. Pupils were then taken to see the magnificent large stained glass window upstairs. The ‘jewelled ‘window was of great importance to Christians as the stained glass relates the story of ‘Jesus’s life. One pupil said” it was an interesting visit there are many similarities between our religions, and it was insightful to see the teachings of a different faith group”