House Groups

Both at secondary and primary school pupils are put into house groups.

On entry to the school each student will be assigned to a house group led by a house leader. The houses will be made up of mixed ability students from the different year groups. This structure will help to raise standards of achievement through the students acting as peer mentors, ‘buddies’ and coaches to others in their house group.

The house identity is highlighted by the monthly house assemblies where the House leaders develop the skills of communication and teamwork through the active participation of the students in organising an assembly to be presented to the full school. House groups compete against each other in various activities throughout the year and receive points (at primary school) and positives at secondary level. These are tallied up each term and the winning house group receives a treat/award

The main aims of the houses are to:

  • Create a real sense of ‘Muslim sisterhood’ and community atmosphere within the school
  • Improve the support, care and guidance students receive about their learning
  • Create opportunities for students to take on leadership roles acting as mentors, coaches and ‘buddies’ to others
  • Help bond students across the year groups thereby removing the tensions that can sometimes exist between different years and the fear of bullying.

Each house leader’s responsibility will be to monitor the behaviour and achievements of students in their houses. House leaders must make sure they actively take time to praise their students for doing well and encourage them to do better – they could set small targets for their pupils.

Students' achievements are displayed on the notice board in for all to see.

At primary school the house groups are named after famous Mosques; Masjid ul Aqsa, Masjid ul Haram, Masjid ul Nabwi.

At secondary level the house groups are named after the famous women in Islam.

The house names have been carefully thought off and are the names of Sahaabiats. The purpose of this is to inculcate and encourage our students to be influenced by the lives/virtues of these illustrious women of Islam.

The names of the house groups are:

Ehle Ayesha Ehle Hafsah, Ehle Juwayriyah, Ehle Khadija,

Ehle Maymunah, Ehle Safiyah, Ehle Sawdah, Ehle Zaynab

Ehle Umme Habibah,