Severe Weather Procedures- January 2020

Assalamo Alaikum w w

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to inform you of the procedures regarding school closures for severe weather. We make every effort to keep school open during severe weather however as a school we need to be prepared. Our priority is the health and safety of both pupils and staff. If and when severe weather arrives it can cause disruption on the roads. Pupils and staff who have long journeys may be unable to get into school.

If it snows overnight and we decide in the morning that the school will not be open:

• We will text all parents on the current mobile number we have on file.

• We will post a message on the school website.

Please do not assume we are open/closed just because other local schools are, any decision we take is based on the safety of our school family.

If it snows during the day and we feel that we need to send the children home early:

• We will telephone parents/carers, starting with those who live in the worst hit areas, to let them know that children will be coming home early. Please make sure that you can be contacted and that if you change your telephone or mobile number you let us know.

Obviously Yorkshire is a large county and we cannot always know what the weather is like where all the children live. We, therefore, understand that you may feel it would be unsafe for your child to travel to school because of the weather conditions; if this happens please contact the school so that your child’s absence can be authorised. Alternatively you may feel that they need to come home early because conditions have deteriorated during the day; if this is the case you need to contact the school and inform us of your plans.

During the winter months we expect all children to be wearing coats and socks. Coats must be removed on entry to the school building. Drive carefully and stay safe on the roads this winter. 

Yours sincerely

Mrs Shakera Mirza