Primary 3 visit to Thackray Museum- 1st December 2017

Thackray Museum hosted a fantastic ‘Victorians Alive’ workshop to the students of Primary 3. We were fashionably greeted by a stern Victorian teacher and travelled back in time to 1842. After investigating many different characters and getting into role, we actually travelled the Victorians streets, amazed by the sights and awful odours. Students were eager to come back to 2017, after understanding the difficult and unpleasant living conditions of the poor Victorians. Here is an insight into what our children thought:

‘Thackray was an amazing experience and the role play was a very creative way of teaching facts you would normally forget.’ Saara Kathrada

‘Thackray Victorian streets were very realistic. We had an awesome time at the Museum. It was the best education trip!’ Ayesha Shahzad

‘I really enjoyed it at the museum. The models looked very realistic and so were the smells. It was an amazing experience.’ Fatima Abdul Kabir

‘The Victorian street was an excellent experience. I felt like I was back in 1842. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. ‘ Fathima Imran

‘I loved the role play which made me feel like I was a child in 1842. I felt like I was in their shoes and sharing their experience!’ Liyana Ishtiyaq