KS2 Pupils Visit Magna

On Friday 30th March Primary 2 and 3 visited Magna in Sheffield. The Science Adventure Centre is a hands-on experience, packed with interactive exhibits and fascinating displays. Our pupils explore the wonders of Science and Technology in the four pavilions – Air, Earth, Fire & Water!. The Big Melt offered an exciting journey into the world of steelmaking.

Our pupils became little scientists building their very own circuits. They had a challenge to dry the washing as best as possible using a fan. In order to do this they had make a circuit to attach to the fan to dry the wet fabric. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed getting ‘hands on’ and used their knowledge of circuits to successfully use the fan to dry the fabric.

“My experience at Magna was incredible! It was very interesting and helped me learn about

electricity.” – (Hafsah Saleem)

“I really enjoyed my trip to Magna, it was so much fun! My favourite part was ‘the BIG melt’. It was very informative.” – (Ameena Mohammed)