1st Annual Schools Food Drive

Our primary students were invited by Fusion Giving in Dewsbury to take part in the Annual Food Festival held at Longcauseway Church. Fusion Giving provides emergency food parcels, toiletries, baby packs, nappies, cleaning products and fuel energy vouchers to individuals and families in need throughout North Kirklees.

The project was run in partnership with Kirklees Council and Creative Scene, involving a number of local schools from different settlements. Non-perishable food items and toiletries were collected at school and taken for distribution. The primary children were invited to a special School FoodStival event at Longcauseway Church.

The event consisted of various activities for children to engage in such as looking at foods of different cultures, healthy eating and the opportunity to work with children of other schools. It was a very informative morning and was a fantastic opportunity for our children to work interactively with other children of different backgrounds.

We look forward to taking part in further projects with Food Fusion in the future IA.

A massive JZK to all our parents and students, in Secondary, Primary and Early Years who donated to this cause, may Allah accept your generosity. Aameen