The Reception class is children aged 4-5.

In reception class children  get a foundation in literacy through communication and language activities such as role play, listening exercises and show and tell. They will also learn the alphabet and high frequency words, and begin to be taught phonics blends.

In addition, children in Reception year will begin to write; you can help them with this and practise handwriting at home. They’ll be shown how to hold a pencil, form letters and, eventually, sentences. Basic grammar is taught at this point, but this will be continued in Year 1.

Children in Reception year will just begin to learn about numbers and how to work with them in basic calculations. Your child will probably bring home a number line that will help them add, subtract and count in twos, fives and 10s.

Your child will also be taught to describe and recognise 2D shapes, 3D shapes and the location of objects, as well as form patterns and describe events in a chronological order.

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