Highlight of The Week- Week Ending 10th November 2017

This week in Literacy students became fantastic authors and wrote a short narrative story. They put their excellent creative skills to work and produced some fascinating pieces.

A huge well done to Yusra whose descriptive ending had us hooked on.

Ali looked at the bottom of the bed and saw a big dark shadow. Ali jumped out of his bed and ran to his grandma’s bedroom but grandma wasn’t there. Then Ali turned around to go out but the big dark shadow was coming to Ali. Then Ali got a bashing stick and he bashed the shadow. He saw the spotty pants it was Jamal.

Yusra (Year 2)

A huge well done to Primary 1 who performed super presentations using their drama skills during our PHSCE- Going for goals topic. They thought of how to set realistic goals for themselves and the best way to achieve these goals. All the acts were praiseworthy!!