Madni Academy Nursery

Phonics Introduction 2017-2018

In Madni Academy we are determined that all children get the best possible start to their education. In the Early Years we aim to develop in children a love of reading, to provide systematic phonics teaching that enables children to read rapidly and to give children opportunities to apply what they have learned across the curriculum.

In the Nursery early reading is taught using phonics as the main approach to reading. Pupils are taught the phonemes (sounds), how to blend the sounds all through the word for reading, and how to segment the sounds to write words. Children are taught to use their phonic skills and knowledge as their first approach to reading, but are also taught how to read high frequency words which do not completely follow the phonic rules.

The school follows the government published programme 'Letters and Sounds' to teach phonics. Phonics is taught from Nursery and is divided into six phases, with each phase building on the skills and knowledge of previous learning. Children have time to practise and rapidly expand their ability to read and spell words. They are also taught to read and spell ‘tricky words’, which are words with spellings that are unusual.

To enhance our children’s learning we have joined Teach Your Monster to Read. A fun phonic website which each child can access at home, through their own username and password.

Whilst learning the phonics the main theme we ensure is that all the children are having fun and are enjoying themselves. We create activities, games and outdoor fun to give our children the best experience when it comes to learning. We hold regular phonics workshops in the Nursery which we invite parents to. The parents and the children learn new letters together through activities which have been set out. This helps parents understand the way we teach our children and creates a school and home partnership.