2 year olds

Children in our Two Year Old Class are introduced to developmentally appropriate, theme-based concepts through fun and exciting group and individual experiences. Our robust classroom environment allows children to learn, as they develop self-confidence and establish friendships. Children are encouraged to explore all aspects of the classroom - growing and learning with both repetitive and new experiences.

Emphasis is placed on social interaction and emotional growth. Children learn to follow directions and take turns. They are given lots of opportunities to make decisions and encouraged to make good choices.

Our two year olds are introduced to "potty training" based upon individual development. Our staff work closely with parents to coordinate this important milestone in the best interest of the child.

Activities for the two year olds are planned within the areas of learning as specified in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We work closely with Nursery and Reception as this helps children immensely when it comes to transition to the next stage of their learning.

You can apply to Kirklees to claim funding for a 2 year old, please click here http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/childcare-and-early-education/free-early-education-and-care-for-2-year-olds.aspx

If your child is not eligible for 2 year old funding there is a nominal charge of £6.50 per session

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